12 Tips To Get Bikini Ready

Elena Mazzotti

Are you ready to bare your body this year? If not, don't panic, there is still plenty of time to prepare yourself. We're not miracle-workers, but when the bikini countdown is officially on, there are some hacks to putting your best body forward. See how to tackle everything on the fly.

  1. Do Some Squats

If you aren't currently doing squats in your exercise program, now is the time to start. If there is a single weight training exercise that is going to improve your lower physique, this is it.

It will help lift your bum while also toning your thighs. Add to the fact that it's so intense in nature and will therefore be a terrific calorie burner.

  1. Add Some Uphill Walking

If you are a big fan of walking for your cardio workouts, try ramping this up by going at it on an incline. This increases the intensity greatly and will really target your glute muscles.

If you want a toned back side, this is one form of cardio that will get you there fast!

  1. Watch Your Carbs

Consuming a great deal of refined carbohydrates is a great way to promote water retention——something that is not going to act as your friend when it's just you and your bikini walking down the beach.

Focus more of your carbohydrate intake on fruits, vegetables and unprocessed grains to eliminate this issue.

  1. Banish belly bloat

Avoid cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, collard greens, cauliflower, and bok choy the day you're donning a bikini. While these foods are nutritional powerhouses and should be eaten as often as possible, they're tendency to cause bloating makes them a poor choice for a day at the beach.

  1. Fill up on flat-belly foods

Reach for hydrating foods to help flush waste and excess water from your system, creating a lean, toned look. Made up of 92% water, grapefruit is an excellent choice, along with oranges and mushrooms.

Bloating can also be a result of constipation, and the easiest way to relieve this is by eating high-fiber foods such as beans, oatmeal, and berries. The Best go-to breakfast before the beach is a bowl of oatmeal with flaxseed, almonds, and berries.

  1. Get A Tan

Pretty much everyone will look better when they are sporting a nice, golden tan. It is no big secret that all fitness and bodybuilding competitor's lather on the tanning sprays before hitting the stage.

Your muscles will be more defined and you will give off an overall leaner appearance. So either give yourself a few sessions in a tanning bed before summer, or if you are worried about the harmful effects of beds, try a tanning spray or cream.

  1. Moisturize

Dry skin gives off a dull appearance which is something that isn't going to improve your muscle tone to any degree. Taking the time once per week to exfoliate and apply a deep moisturizing cream will get your skin in the best shape possible so people don't notice it, along with any of the perceived body flaws you may think you have. Drink more water to staying well hydrated will keep your skin looking clearer.

  1. Make sure your bikini line is bikini-ready, too

A few days before going to beach, exfoliate so you can remove any dead skin to reduce the potential for ingrown hairs.

The day of, wash with a PH neutral, gentle cleanser prior to the wax to rid the skin surface of any potential irritants and to soften the base of the follicle. Warm water works best.

Skip shaving, Seriously, don't do it. Hair needs to be at least 1/4-inch long in order for the wax to grasp it. Once you've been waxed, avoid touching, applying fragranced lotions/creams, and exfoliating for 24 hours after.

Apply a dab of cortisone cream to help reduce any inflammation, itchiness, and redness that pops up after you're done.

  1. Stand Up Straight

Possibly the single most important thing you could do to instantly look better when in a bikini is use good posture. Pulling your shoulders back and keeping your head up will not only give you loads of confidence but will also pull your stomach in and improve the curvature of your back.

Congratulations! You just lost five pounds! (Or look like it, anyway.)

  1. Hit The Gym Before The Beach

If you are planning on going to the beach for the day, trying to get in an early morning workout is a smart move. Make sure you hit the weights during this workout as the stimulation will help to bring more oxygen to your muscles, giving them a fuller and more “pumped up” appearance.

  1. Embrace Your Curves

The key is finding a bathing suit that is going to emphasize your best features. When you do this correctly, the parts you are less than confident in will not be as noticeable.

  1. Relax

It's true: When you feel good, it's apparent to everyone around you. You're at the beach (or pool, or lake), and you're here for a good time. Own it—and remember that at the end of the day, none of this is that big of a deal.

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